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“The V8 Affair” by Ray Miller. This hardback volume is the authoritative pre-war Ford V-8 history from the famous “Ford Road” series. Inside, you’ll see a year-by-year breakdown of the changes in the cars, with an entire chapter devoted to each year. This large book presents the history of the V8 in a stunning array of nearly 1000 photographs, with illustrations, diagrams, production figures, specifications and more taken from original Ford sources. The book shows you how to identify significant features and design characteristics of the cars. In addition to a study of the overall appearance, much attention has been given to study of the details for each year such as the hub caps, fuel pumps, generators, carburetors, radios & dashboards, and more. You’ll find all car body styles in the book, including convertibles and wagons. Contains black & white photos with some color pictures in the middle of the book. 303 pages Hardbound, measuring 9 x 11″ Hardbound with a full color dust jacket. Covers Ford V-8 models from 1932 thru 1942. Year Application 1932-1936.

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