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“Antique Auto Body Brass Work for the Restorer” This book was compiled to help you identify, date, and classify antique brass parts. This collection of brass work listings contains chronologically arranged reproductions of illustrated catalogs from fifteen 1906-1912 publications such as “The Automobile supply,” “R. E. Dietz Co.,” “Harry H. Mundy,” “Post & Lester,” “James L. Gibney & Bro.,” “American Auto Supply,” “Manufacturers’ Supplies,” “E. A. Featherstone,” “Sibley and Pitman,” “Sears, Roebuck & Co.,” and more (Compiled from the collections of Alfred S. Lewerenz and W. Everett Miller). You will find pictures of brass parts, along with descriptions, original part numbers and prices for brass lamps (oil, gas, and electric), horns (foreign and domestic types), odometers (ammeters, speedometers, and tachometers too), recorders, clocks, windshields, and more. In addition, you will also find brass hardware, articles written about how these parts were supposed to work written by the manufacturers, and even some specifications, dimensions and cutaway views. Includes an index by brand name, 127 pages Softbound. A great reference book! Year Application – General.

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